If you are considering your data for back-up, then it would be better to think about Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) before making any move. VHDs are simple virtual safe vaults in which you can put your files as many as you can (Just check space availability) without getting worried. In more simple terms, it can be put as – VHDs are voluminous zip file without any data compression.

VHDs simply sits on HDD like other files with only risk of getting corrupt, which may lead to mass disaster. To make VHDs more secure, you must always be ready with back-up option. Although from brutal assaults from virus and other undefined programs, it is possible that any secured VHD may get corrupt and such corruption could be irreversible.

Analyzing VHD corruption

Alike other corruptions, there are different reasons for VHD corruption. They may be severe, simple or sometime contagious. However, the different reasons that play prominent role in corrupting VHDs are as follows:

  • Unsecured User System: The user system, in which VHD is going to be installed, may already be infested with virus or worms. Once user creates VHD, then VHD may get affected sooner or later depending upon the intensity of infestation.
  • Technical Reason: Once user has created VHD, it is necessary to attach it and format it just like partitioned disk. If user forgets to do so, then created VHD will not work and entire partitions made by user will be of no worth.
  • Sudden System Shutdown: The damage to VHD may be elevated when issue of sudden system shutdown arises. In such cases, the chances of corruption of files and folders are much more than any other possible causes of corruption. This is because post sudden system shutdown user cannot expect any data to remain secure.


HDD Crash: It is very well-known that VHD sits on HDD like other files and folders. What if the base i.e. HDD crashes unexpectedly? Yes, you won’t be able to mount your VHD over it consequently VHD won’t exist anymore and your files and folders could not remain secure any longer.

These reasons that play vital role in corrupting VHDs; therefore, to maintain a secure fence over VHDs it is necessary to take prompt action.

Replenishment of Damaged VHD Files

User must consider himself fortunate enough if corruption in VHD files is found prior migrating any file or folder into it. Once corruption in VHD is observed the sole responsibility of the user is to make secure rescue of such files and folders without compromising their content.

To replenish the damaged VHD files, it is important to understand the state of corruption. If the corruption is within some limit then it can be repelled using appropriate action; however, if severe corruption has encroached the VHD, then assistance from reliable third-party tool is recommended.

Preventing Accidental Deletion from VHD

If you have not detached VHD from the user system, then there are good possibilities of getting them corrupt without any intense labor. Thus, it is always recommended to detach VHD from the system. To do so open Disk Management followed by right click of header of the drive and click ‘Detach VHD.’ With this you will get rid from unnecessary accidental deletions.

Providing Permanent Recovery to VHDs

To perfectly recover damaged VHD, implement a reliable third-party tool like Kernel for VHD Recovery. Although there are numerous third-party tools that claim for fruitful results, but only few of them are successful in doing so. Therefore, it entirely depends upon user’s choice to make such selection that can bear good results.

Kernel for VHD Recovery – An Advice to Newbie

With this tool you can recover all types of files like images, video & audio files, database files, documents, media files, archives etc. Kernel for VHD Recovery recovers the data items using three scan modes, namely: Quick scan, Extensive scan and File Trace. Depending upon the level of corruption, user can make the choice. The entire recovery doesn’t take more than couple of minutes with accuracy. Once repair and recovery process is done, user can save the VHD file in desired location.

Making Efforts in Right Direction

Selecting Kernel for VHD Recovery for making VHD recovery is a wise choice in right direction. To verify the authenticity of your choice, you can download the trial version of Kernel for VHD Recovery. The trial/evaluation version works like licensed version with only restriction on saving recovered VHD data at desired location. To save the recovered VHD files activation key of the licensed version is required. Visit here : http://www.vhdrecoverytool.com